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I try my best to stay out of trouble – Ireti Osayemi


Ireti Osayemi is one of the most versatile Nollywood actresses whose acting delivery is topnotch as she is able to switch from role interpretation in Yoruba, English, Igbo and Liberian English. Not relenting any time soon, the proud mother of two is full of hope for the future. In this interview she bares it all.

*What is the secret to your beauty?

I have no secret, this is just me, and it’s the grace of God.

*For some reason, you have been able to keep your size intact, what has been your daily routine?

I have been trying to work on my weight seriously, this is showbiz, you can’t be just a particular size, you have to look different at a particular time, there are different stages in your career and you have to go with the trend, you need to look different.

*How has it been being an actress?

It’s been wonderful, this is the only profession you get to practice every other profession in, been an actress has been wonderful.

*You are one of the few Yoruba actress that has been able to stay off scandal throughout the acting career, what do u say is the secret behind that?

I try my best to stay out of trouble, I think there are some certain things that you will do and you know within yourself you are not doing the right thing, you might think you are doing the right thing and the society, the viewers see it the other way and it becomes a scandal, sometimes those things don’t really happen then people blow it out of proportion, it is not as if I have any trick, I have just been living my life.

*You don’t say so much in a social media, why is that so?

I have got my hand full in my house, my kids, there is no time to go on social media, I love to go online and read then follow the trend but there is no time.

*Most celebrities of your status are known to flaunt their kids on social media, why is your own different?

I try my best to keep my kids out the roller balloon of the industry, my son doesn’t like it, my daughter does not mind. Once they get old enough they can chose what they want.

*You are a beautiful woman, how do you handle your admirers?

I can’t dispute the fact that I do have admirers, it is normal for a woman to have admirers, I try my best to let my admirers know that am booked and should try someone else.

*How have you been able manage acting, motherhood and the admire you get from men?

It is normal, some men will tell you that am a married man as well so what is the big deal, you know what you want for yourself and you go for what you want.

*Now that you are a versatile actress, how many languages can you speak?

I speak Yoruba fluently, I speak English fluently and I speak a bit of Igbo, I speak Liberian English fluently, am hoping to learn more I try my best to stay out of trouble – Ireti Osayemi languages.

*How many roles have you rejected and what kind of role will you reject?

I have rejected a lot quite of roles, I have to balance the home and work so when it is crashing I have to reject them, I try mybest not to turn down scripts, if the script is not what I want I try to talk to the producer to balance it.

You don’t totally say this is a bad job, I don’t believe that there is a bad script, all you need is to put in some things, take some things out and make it perfect.

*With a million dollar will you act nude?

No I won’t, am an African woman.

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