Ebuka Obi Uchendu, wife share how they settle their rifts

Ebuka Uchendu Obi

By Orji Onyekwere

Big Brother Naija host Ebuka Uchendu Obi has opened up on why his marriage to his wife of more than eight years Cynthia Uchendu, has continued to blossom despite the spate of marital crises rocking the entertainment industry.

The couple revealed this while answering questions from Cynthia’s fans via her YouTube channel. One of the fans had asked them how they make peace after a quarrel, Ebuka responded that communication is very important in resolving issues, but it’s important that couples do not stay far from each other or sleep in different rooms when they have misunderstanding.

He noted that no matter the gravity of their quarrel or misunderstanding they cannot sleep in separate beds because that will aggravate their quarrel and separate themselves from each other.

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According to the media personality, “I think we made a conscious decision very early in our marriage regarding some things that maybe helped us because nobody knew this marriage thing from the start. Now we’re eight years strong, going on nine and we’re still learning plenty of lessons.”

“One thing we always said is, no matter what it is; we’re always going to spend the night on the same bed. So, no matter how you are boiling, you would still feel that person’s body bedside you. So, we spend the night; every night together, so far we’re in the same city.”

“We have also perfected the art of someone coming forward to say ‘Okay, what just happened?’ And we have a conversation about it. So, we learned from our errors and mistakes. Your egos might get in the way sometimes especially when you feel like you’re not the one who did wrong, but we’ve perfected it.”

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