Celebrating the Multifaceted Achievements of Franca Choice

The dynamic and inspiring Francisca Isioma Echefu, popularly known as Franca Choice, is making significant contributions across multiple professional fields. Known as a Global Brand Ambassador, Event Host, Certified Family and Couples Therapist, and Author, Franca’s impressive career showcases her versatility and dedication to excellence.

Franca’s entrepreneurial flair shines through her fashion venture, where she is affectionately called the #QueenPeplum. She specializes in sophisticated Ankara peplums and waist trainers, providing stylish and elegant fashion solutions for women.

Beyond fashion, Franca is the visionary behind Every Kobo Venture (EKV), a unique savings scheme designed to help families save for a joyous Christmas and New Year. EKV offers foodstuffs worth more than the saved amount or cash back without added interest, providing significant value and support to participating families.

Franca’s passion for supporting families extends to her creation of Bedmatics101, a coaching platform dedicated to enhancing marital intimacy, particularly for Christian couples. Through daily tips on social media and a variety of digital courses, Bedmatics101 has reached millions worldwide, helping couples achieve fulfilling and intimate relationships.

Married for 16 years and a proud mother of four, Franca’s personal life reflects her professional commitment to family values. She and her children create engaging comedy skits about life in the UK as a modern African family, shared under the hashtag #TheChoiceFamilyTV. These skits bring joy to their audience, further highlighting Franca’s multifaceted talents.

Franca Choice’s remarkable journey continues to inspire many. Her contributions to fashion, family therapy, and innovative savings solutions establish her as a leading figure in these fields. Franca’s work not only exemplifies professional excellence but also her profound dedication to family and community.

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