Shilenge Thembi Portia: Most influential young females in tech

South African entrepreneur and philanthropist Shilenge Thembi Portia is rapidly gaining recognition as one of the continent’s most influential young figures. Her mentorship program in cryptocurrency trading is making waves, showcasing her impact and expertise in the field.

As the CEO of Crypto Dimensions, Thembi Shilenge has established herself as a dedicated crypto trader and coach. She began her journey in 2016, venturing into bitcoin trading, mining, and staking at a time when the world was still skeptical about digital currencies. By 2017, she had expanded her knowledge to include other cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, Monero, and Dashcoin, trading on the Poloniex Exchange.

Thembi Shilenge is also the founder of Fems In Tech, a movement that celebrates female excellence in fintech, business, and finance. This initiative is not only fostering innovation but also making significant strides in the financial technology sector. Women in fintech, under her leadership, are building businesses, collaborating, and networking to create impactful solutions. Their efforts are reshaping the financial landscape by creating inclusive financial products, leveraging technology for financial inclusion, and advocating for diversity in the industry. These contributions are driving economic growth and paving the way for a more equitable and diverse future in finance.

In a recent philanthropic endeavor, Fems In Tech, led by Thembi Shilenge, organized a visit to a clinic and school for disabled children in the Mmakaunyane (MMK) Community on Children’s Day.

The initiative provided meals to the children, ensuring they had sustenance before taking their medication after long travels to the clinic. This heartwarming experience underscored Shilenge’s commitment to giving back to her community.

At 31, Thembi Shilenge is living her best life and reaching new heights in the cryptocurrency world.

Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “From earning R10k ($500) per month working 12-hour shifts to achieving remarkable success in cryptocurrency, I’m now a full-time Bybit VIP4 trader making R100k+ profit in one trade. The Bullrun is here, and I’m just getting started with milking millions from the crypto market!”

Shilenge Thembi Portia’s story is a testament to her hard work, innovation, and dedication, making her a prominent figure in the realms of cryptocurrency and fintech.

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