Alleged Homosexual Accused, Sennen Escaped Death

Sennen Israel Kalu

…As Angry Mobs Beats Father to death

By our Correspondence 

It was a shocking scenario as one Sennen Israel Kalu, threw his community into confusion as he was allegedly caught caught in an abominable “same-sex act” with one JOHN OKAFOR at their residential locals at 112 Onitsha rd aba, in Abia State.

It was reported that, trouble started on the 10th of July, 2021 when Sennen Israel Kalu and an alleged same sex mate, John Okafor, were caught, pictured and video in an act considered to be abominable act at 112 Onisha road Aba.

Newsmen who visited the local gathered that a member of John Okafor’s family was said to have been monitoring their activities of same-sex practice for quite a time, until they were caught and mercilessly beaten, blindfolded and beaten with sticks by the community angry mobs, led by one of the leaders of the “Indigenous People of Brafia with the local vigilantees.

A relative of John, Mr. Okoro Okafor, ordered mob that were gathered outside the scene of the incident, that it was Sennen Israel Kalu, who lured their son John, into the abominable same-sex practice, that Sennen Israel Kalu, must be tortured and eliminated.

Further investigation revealed that Sennen’s father for fear of his son been killed reported the matter to the local police station in other to protect his son from the hands of John’s family members and the local vigilante group whom were desperately searching for him with dangerous weapons.

The team of Journalists who visited the local gathered from inhabitants that Sennen, managed to escape with multiple injuries with fractures on his left arm for Umuahia, a city within the state, to hid for his dear life.

The community head Mr. Nonso Akapa, also told newsmen, that the local vigilante group and cultists who were fully armed with machetes and other dangerous weapons, went to Sennen’s residence after Sennen’s Israel Kalu, escaped, upon his absence, the mob aggressively attacked Mr. Uche Kalu Isaac, Sennen’s father, who tried to intervene and was hit on the head with weapons, resulting in bleeding and severe head injuries that led to his death on October 16th, 2021, Akapa narrated in tears.

It was learnt that, members of the local vigilante and officers of the Nigerian Police in Abia, launched a manhunt arrest on Sennen, with acclaimed evidence of his involvement in same-sex act.

All attempts by local vigilantes and officers of the Nigerian Police to arrest Sennen Israel Kalu, in connection with the sacrilege didn’t yield result, as his whereabouts remain mystery and unknown.

Mr. Akapa, further explained that, the group of cultists and local vigilantes at a later date, came back to the family house and  re-launched another attack on Sennen’s family members in search of Sennen, leading to serious beating and assault on members of the family.

It was recalled that, Sennen Israel Kalu, has been declared wanted in connection with a clear violation of the provision of “same-sex” Prohibition Act, of the Federal Republic of Nigeria constitution 2013.

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