Newly-wedded Sharon Ooja warned of potential heartbreak

Sharon Ooja


Popular Nollywood actress Sharon Ooja, who recently got married to her heartthrob and billionaire business man, Emmanuel Ugo Nwoke, may be facing more backlashes from netizens .

Just few days after the society wedding, an unnamed social media user who claimed to be Ugo’s ex wife’s best friend, have warned the actress to be wary of heartbreak as the man she fell in love with is not whom he claims to be because he is a serial cheater .

She alleged that Emmanuel works at a Verizon office in Los Angeles, United States and not a billionaire businessman.

The lady explained that she was disappointed with Emmanuel who is busy celebrating his new marriage while her friend is lamenting.

According to her, Emmanuel entered the friend’s life like an angel in 2022, only to become her worst nightmare throughout their brief marriage.

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She wrote: “Wonders will never end. This was the same way we gushed over this man when he came to marry my beautiful friend in December 2022. He was so calm and looking so handsome.

“We also felt my friend had found an angel, lo and behold, he turned tiger. All of a sudden, he started talking consistently with another woman, dear @sharonooja, while he was busy talking to you and building a new relationship with you, he was breaking an innocent heart without cause.

“I was really celebrating Sharon until I bumped into a picture on Facebook today showing my friend as ex-wife to Sharon’s husband and I was broken. I was live at his wedding with my friend. It’s quite unfortunate.

“No hard feelings @sharonooja, just keep your eyes open. Only God knows what men want. My friend is mourning the death of her mum and this is happening too,” she said

In another development, Sharon Ooja Nwoke, has expressed her heart felt gratitude to everybody that rejoiced with her on her wedding day. She also used the opportunity to pledge her unshakable love for her husband, Ugo Nwoke, despite various allegations against him.

Since the well-celebrated wedding a couple of days ago, Emmanuel has faced various allegations of being married three times and being a serial cheater, among others.

But the actress seemed unfazed by all these comments on the social media as she appreciated everyone that showed her love on her auspicious day

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