Passage of New Minimum Wage shouldn’t linger beyond July – TUC

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By Ukpono Ukpong

President Bola Tinubu has been urged to ensure that the lingering issues surrounding the passage of the new minimum wage is addressed to give way for it to be enacted into law before the end of next month, July.

The President, Trade Union Congress (TUC), Comrade Festus Osifo, made the call on Tuesday while granting audience to a delegation from Kogi State government led by the Special Adviser on Labour Matters to the Kogi State Governor, Onuh Edoka, in Abuja.

Osifo said that the enactment of the new minimum wage was the only viable way to alleviate the harsh living conditions faced by many Nigerians as occasioned by the removal of fuel subsidy.

He stressed the necessity for the national tripartite negotiation committee, which includes government, labour, and organized private sector representatives, to reach an agreement swiftly, noting that this consensus is crucial for the bill to receive prompt attention from President Bola Tinubu and the National Assembly.

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“What we are working on from both labour centres is that before the end of July, we should have a new minimum wage that has passed through the processes and been assented to by the President,” Osifo stated. This, he believes, will significantly improve workers’ conditions.

Osifo pointed out that the new minimum wage would help workers cope with the country’s economic challenges, particularly the high inflation rate. He stressed that an increased wage would enable workers to afford basic necessities for their families.

The TUC has proposed a minimum wage of 250,000 Naira, while the government and organized private sector have suggested 62,000 Naira. Osifo called for all parties to come together and resolve these differences to present a unified front, facilitating the President’s submission of the bill to the National Assembly.

He commended the Kogi State government for its commitment to the current 30,000 Naira minimum wage and urged other states to start preparing for the new wage’s implementation. Osifo pointed to Nassarawa State’s proactive approach as an example for others to follow.

Osifo appealed to state governments to prioritize the new minimum wage despite revenue constraints. He assured that the TUC is ready to ensure compliance with the new law across all states once it is enacted.

Expressing confidence in the Kogi State government’s ability to implement the new wage, Osifo noted that effective management of the related adjustments would ultimately benefit workers. He urged the state to do the needful once the wage is implemented.

Earlier, Onuh Edoka praised Governor Ahmed Ododo’s administration for addressing the welfare issues left unresolved by the previous administration. He highlighted the government’s labour-friendly initiatives and sought TUC’s support to improve Kogi State’s image.

Edoka noted that past administrations faced protests over labour issues, but the current government has fostered a cooperative relationship with labour unions. He emphasized the government’s commitment to paying the 30,000 Naira minimum wage, contrary to negative reports.

He concluded by commending Governor Ododo’s efforts to restore the state’s image and improve workers’ conditions.

Edoka urged continued support for these initiatives, expressing optimism for the government’s ongoing efforts.

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