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Where are the members of Abe Igi Anu club?

For many who don’t know, Abe Igi Anu club is a well no­table social club put togeth­er by some of the biggest names on the social scene like Rasak Olanrewaju a.k.a Lamex, Abbey Onas, Tunde Akinyera, Oris, Bola Ato­batele, Ayo Shobuyi, Bola Adenuga etc.

Ever since its establishment, notable mu­sicians like KWAM 1, Yinka Ayefele and others, never ceased to constantly sing the praises of the club’s re­spected members and so well known was the club that many jostled to be a part of it. But lately, nothing has been heard about the club which is quite unusual, especiallyu for a club that graced every major event in town. Inside sources say the reason the club isn’t flourishing like it used to, is because some of the members are currently

at loggerheads. Some mem­bers were accused of some negative acts which have in turn affected the respectabil­ity of the association. Some are even alleging that it is only a matter of time before the club finally goes under

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