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Hospitality expert Stephen Omamuli bereaved

In the last couple of weeks, CEO, Class Hospitality, Ste­phen Omamuli, has been in a mournful mood. His very bosom friend who was like a brother to him and who lived in far away Manchester, UK, Hubert Ebima Mabuyaku, went to the greater beyond, thus plunging the hospital­ity expert in a solemn mood. Without much ado and with­out prior notice to friends and business associates, Omam­uli promptly left the shores of the country to sympathize with his friend’s wife and fam­ily and to also ensure a befit­ting burial was put in place to bade him a final welfare.

For Omamuli’s business as­sociates who have been be­sieging his office before now, they can now finally heave a sigh of relief as he is now back and has since settled down to business.

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