Lockdown extension: Brides to-be express disappointment

Some brides to-be in Lagos on Wednesday expressed disappointment at the extension of the lockdown of the state by the federal government. The affected brides said that they were confused and frustrated by the lockdown extension as they had to cancel or further postpone their wedding ceremonies.

Miss Abimbola Ajisafe, a childcare giver, revealed that she had postponed her wedding ceremony when the initial lockdown was imposed on March 30. ”I tried to be hopeful that it would be lifted after 14 days, but it did not happened that way. ”Having your money tied down indefinitely on wedding plans is no joke,” she said. Ajisafe however, noted that safety was paramount, as the lockdown was for the safety of Nigerians. “As sad as it may be, safety comes first,” she said. A lawyer, Miss Sandra Omeche stted that she stopped making further wedding plans when she suspected that the lockdown would be extended. ”My wedding date was fixed for May 2; so I had been calling my vendors to make sure that they still had certain things in place, but the lockdown extension would hinder certain things. ”Just yesterday, my parents decided to postpone the wedding ceremony indefinitely,” Omeche said. Another bride to-be, Miss Simisola Tometi, discosed that her wedding was slated for April 18, but the lockdown distorted the plan and left her confused. ”I must say that this year has been pretty hard on me and my fiancé because it was with great difficulty that we got both families to agree to our union. ”Just when we thought everything was moving smoothly, the lockdown started. ”I still can’t find words to express how I feel, but I pray that God helps me through this trying time. I am really sad,” Tometi said. Miss Yetunde Alaka also said that the lockdown hindered her wedding slated for April 5, but was a blessing in disguise as she got to know her finance’s true marital status because of the lockdown. ”I had to stay with my in-laws to-be because of the lockdown and was surprised to hear them discussing about his first wife that I never knew existed. ”They still don’t know that I know. I just came up with some excuses to go and stay with a family friend residing near them. ”When some things happen, they appear to steal your joy, but they are truly a blessing in disguise. ”I am heart-broken, but I believe that the wedding didn’t happen as planned for a good reason,” Alaka said.

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