COVID-19 impact will boost family morale – Don


Bauchi – Mallam Jamilu Yaya of the Department of Sociology, Bauchi State University,  says the coronavirus pandemic has made a positive impact in boosting the morale of family members.

Yaya made this observation in an interview on Wednesday in Bauchi.


According to him, the outbreak of the disease has impacted positively on families, more especially in boosting the morality of family members.

”This lockdown have made some busy fathers to observe the behaviours of their children and even the wives.

”Now, the parents and the children get to know and study the behaviour of one another.

”That encourages and boosts the family’s  sense of observation by checking or monitoring individual members’ attitude to life,” he said.

The don explained that  the effect of the pandemic was multifaceted, as  it affected  individuals, families, groups and the entire society.

Yaya, however, pointed out that the coronavirus had caused people to be locked down and the impacts could also be positive or negative.

”This comes with a very serious socio-economic effects on the individuals in the family and the entire society,” he said.

According to the don, government measures of controlling the spread of the virus have both positive and negative effects on the economy of the country.

”It  stagnates both agricultural activities and tourism on one hand and marketing of oil and other industrial productions on the other hand.

”This stagnation has led to a decrease in domestic production of consumables and other services, which affects revenues and tax,” he stated.

Yaya noted that recovering from the socio-economic gap caused by the COVID-19 would be a gradual process, through a proactive management approach. (NAN)

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