Abramovich Faces Money Laundering Probe

Report has it that there is an ongoing investigation of the Russian mafia, Roman Abramovich would have most likely seen the arrest of the Chelsea owner and other key figures in Russia over money laundering and illegal purchase of land had the then chief investigator, Alexander Litvineko had not been murdered on 2006 before completing his investigations.

However, Abramovich is not necessarily off the hook as the High Court in Moscow is pretty keen on fingering the culprits in a well organised field of high level crime in Russia. This is after another FSB spy agent Berezovsky was also found dead at his ex-wife’s home in Surrey in March of 2013.

There appears to be no concrete evidence provided to the public to finger anyone in these claims and yet the net seems to be ominously closing in on the accused individuals especially considering the court’s eagerness to bring the offenders to book.

It would be sad if such a worthy contributor to the development of Chelsea FC and even English Football as a whole were to be implicated in such a case.

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