Michelin Fully Open to a Return to F1- Couasnon

It has emerged that tyre manufacturer, Michelin, is ready to make a return to Formula 1 when the championship’s existing tyre contract with Pirelli comes to an end.

The French tyre manufacturer was last involved in 2006, opting to depart at the end of that year after a five-season spell as it was unhappy about a move to a single supplier from 2008.

Previous tyre manufacturer Bridgestone initially took up the reins prior to a switch to current supplier Pirelli from 2011, with its current contract running to the end of 2016.

Michelin Motorsport director, Pascal Couasnon, has stated that they are ready to return to the sport, but only if the sport changes its technical regulations and wants to use 18 inch tyres that are currently in place in the FIA Formula E Championship.


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