Legal icon, Akintola emphasizes restructuring of Nigeria

Chief Niyi Akintola

By Stephen Gbadamosi

Legal luminary and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Niyi Akintola, SAN, said to make Nigeria work, there must be true restructuring of the country.

Akintila who was a member of defunct 2014 National Confab said this in an interview with the Daily Times.

Advocating regional development, he said there is no where this country is going without getting restructured.

“We should be able to develop from the region. The too much focus on the federal has been our major problem.

“I was a part of the 2014 Confab which also had Pa Ayo Adebanjo as participant; and I was part of an important committee saddled with matters of resources. We spoke about a component of restructuring which is resource control that the South-South clamoured for.

“I am a South-Westerner from Oyo State; I don’t have any problem with total control of your resources. As you have oil resources, we have land and other resources in my area as well. But some people would not allow us to reach an agreement.

“I can tell you that the major problem against restructuring is the Nigerian elite. Other groups also don’t want it to happen.

“You can imagine that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) would be asking for uniform remuneration. There is nowhere that that happens.

“Even In the governments where they have unitary structure, it doesn’t happen. We need to operate based on our peculiar capacities.

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“If we want this country to work, we should restructure it. Look at Colorado in the United States, it has no oil, but is richer than Texas that has oil. That is what good arrangements can offer a country.

“And our people, Nigerians, some parts of the country upper the Niger don’t want to give anything; they only want to take from the others. We must restructure to make the country work.”

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