Group Hails Refugee Commission Boss for Being Effective and Focused

Refugee Commission

The management of the Creative Center for Mass Poverty (CCFMP) has hailed the performance of Haj. Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim, Honorable Commissioner for National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons (NCFRMI).

Speaking at a well-attended press briefing in Jos, Plateau State, last Monday, December 6th, 2021, the Chairman Mr Donald Jeremiah was full of praise for the soft spoken and delectable Honorable commissioner, appointed in May 2021, by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr Jeremiah expressed happiness at the rapid changes taking place in all the IDP camps nationwide and the prompt attention to Refugee crisis.

Mr Jeremiah noted that since the arrival of Haj. Sulaiman to the Commission, a lot of impact has been created especially the cordial atmosphere now existing at the headquarters.

Staffers spoken to admitted that for the first time, an executive head is showing high degree of integrity, responsibility in the discharge of her duties and welfare.

With a proven track record of having worked at the echelon of several top administrative establishment, Haj. Sulaiman, staffers revealed is poised to deliver the much-anticipated results with her vast experience on the job.

“She detests impunity, frowns at indolence and insist on due process; she has zero tolerance for corruption”, said Mr Jeremiah.

According to him, Haj. Sulaiman is leaving no stone upturned to plug the loopholes for corruption and the odious business-as -usual practice that is endemic.

“What we are after is the eradication of mass poverty, hunger and meeting the needs of IDP’s in Nigeria; we want to see real time solution to these unacceptable standards”, he stated.

The task before Haj. Sulaiman and the Commission are not such to require kid gloves. “ Look at women suffering from pre—natal care; absence of drugs, delivery facilities and hunger; they are human beings like us and we need to sympathise with them which is what Haj. Sulaiman is doing”, Mr Jeremiah explained.

He urged Nigerians to support the Refugee boss especially in view of the surrounding dangers from bandits, kidnapping and terrorism.

‘This is where we seriously commend the Project Zero Hunger Initiatives to reduce if not eradicate the sufferings of masses”, he charged.

Thankfully, Haj. Sulaiman has been further singled out for the milk of kindness that flows from her as exhibited in her tireless efforts to cover as much grounds as possible to save lives and property.

‘Those who appreciates the chronic poverty, socio-economic fragility and deteriorating security would really appreciate the enormity of the task facing the Refugee Commission.

The number of refugees in Nigeria is believed to be hitting 70,000 plus. Those seeking asylum are also on the increase. Nigeria which pledges to ensure the availability and access to durable solutions for Refugees and IDP’S is said to play host to refugees and asylum seekers from neighbouring countries Niger, Central African Republic. Sudan and DR. Congo.

Besides at the Global Refugee Forum meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, far reaching pledges and commitment was made for the inclusion of Refugees, IDP’s and Returnees in National development Plans through the NCFRMI.

“From what is on the ground, the Center for Creative Mass Poverty is confident that in the no distant future the JV plight of IDP’s will be reduced to the barest minimum if not completely wiped out”, said Mr Jeremiah.

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