Anambra State: PDP slams Soludo for performance

Chukwuma Soludo, Discipline

The Anambra State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has expressed reservations about Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s performance, as he approaches his two-year mark in office.

The PDP conveyed its dissatisfaction in a statement on Wednesday by its State Publicity Secretary, Uloka Chibuike.

He firmly asserted that Governor Soludo has failed to complete any significant projects aimed at alleviating the suffering of the people of Anambra.

He remarked, “It’s been almost 24 months since Anambra residents enthusiastically elected Soludo as their governor. His distinguished background as a professor, renowned economist, and former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria gave him an advantage over other candidates during the November 2021 election.”

“With a manifesto filled with promises, expectations were high. However, after 24 months, the people of Anambra continue to endure hardship and struggle, leaving the state in a dire state.”

Chibuike emphasized that as Soludo’s tenure approaches its two-year mark, there is a glaring absence of significant completed projects that would have improved the lives of Anambra’s citizens. Instead, he claims it has been a succession of letdowns with little tangible progress to showcase.

He added that under Soludo’s leadership, the state’s road infrastructure has deteriorated to the point of being nearly impassable, severely affecting small-scale business owners and traders who are struggling to access their workplaces.

According to Chibuike, the few road projects that have been initiated have been assigned to questionable contractors, resulting in more problems than solutions.

“It is high time for Soludo to contemplate stepping down, as the state is suffering on spiritual, emotional, physical, and economic levels. His incompetence and unfulfilled promises have led to tragedies such as those faced by struggling traders who cannot access their businesses due to the state of the roads.

“His administration has caused irreversible harm to the state, resulting in poverty and inflicting mental, emotional, and physical suffering on the people. Despite organizing multiple fundraising events and imposing burdensome taxes on small and medium-sized enterprises, the revenue collected has not translated into relief or meaningful development. The administration is characterized by propaganda, falsehoods, and deception, with state funds unaccounted for and a lack of a clear vision for their use.

“Anambra State is grappling with nonexistent drivable roads just weeks before Christmas, and security remains a significant concern, with the governor failing to address the issue in numerous local governments controlled by non-state actors.

“Under Soludo’s administration, governance has deteriorated, forcing the people of Anambra to celebrate important events outside their ancestral homes due to insecurity. Even traditional rulers are no longer able to observe Ofala festivals due to these challenges.

“With another Christmas approaching and numerous challenges ahead, it seems unlikely that our people will be able to return home. In September, the administration awarded a contract for the Ugwunwasike Road, which leads to the largest building material market in the South East, if not West Africa. Despite the release of funds, the road’s condition has worsened, negatively impacting businesses and motorists.

“Beyond the failing roads, Anambra under Soludo is now the dirtiest state to live or do business in today,” the statement concluded.

In a swift response over the phone, Christian Aburime, the Press Secretary to Governor Soludo, refuted these claims, insisting that the governor has accomplished a great deal in less than two years in office.

Aburime told Punch that, “Anyone with doubts should visit Anambra to witness the significant transformation firsthand.

“The opposition’s criticism is merely an attempt to distract Soludo, who remains focused on delivering tangible benefits of democracy to the good people of Anambra.

“The Soludo government is recognized for its compassion and empathy toward the less privileged in the state. It is a pro-people administration.

“His achievements are still mounting, including the employment of 5,000 teachers in the education sector, with an additional 3,000 teachers about to be hired for public schools.

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“Free education and the abolition of all charges from primary to JSS1 in public schools, as well as free antenatal and delivery services for pregnant women in government-owned hospitals.

“More than 400 kilometers of roads are under construction, with many nearing completion. Massive electrification projects have seen 25,000 solar-powered streetlights installed, saving the state a substantial monthly expense on diesel.

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