Imo sate failed coup attempt by military wing of comrade Joe Ajaero led NLC against Imo state Governor Sen Hope Uzodima and the Nigerian state

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Labour party attention was drawn to the arrest of mutinous renegades arsonist , Comrade JOE AJAERO of the NLC by the combined security forces led by the Commissioner of Police Imo state Police Command over his attempted insurrection through a coup-Detat carried out to undermine the Judiciary and overthrow the Executive Governor of Imo state, Sen Hope Uzodima this early morning of Wednesday the 1st day November 2023

by the combined security forces led by the Commissioner of Police Imo state Command

The intention of the leader of the arsonist and coup plotters was to use the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) as a smoke screen to suspend the constitution, make the state ungovernable and install anarchy and civil disobedience against a constitutionally Elected Administration of Governor Hope Uzodima of Imo state

Nigerians will recollect that the National Industrial Court in Owerri has issued an extended interim injunction restraining the organised labour from embarking on strike in Imo State.

Nigerian should also note that both the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) were also ordered not to embark on “Occupy Imo” as planned until the next adjourned date.

Further more , the court warned against the disobedience of its order, saying that it would attract consequences.

Labour party and Nigerians are aware that Hon Justice N. C. S. Ogbuanya gave the orders after hearing the submissions of the attorney-general of Imo State, Barr C. O. C. Akaolisa, who prayed the court to grant an extended interim order against the defendants who are specifically the NLC, GENERAL SECRETARY OF NLC COM EMMANUEL UGBOAJA, TUC AND GENERAL SECRETARY COM NUHU TORO given their fresh threat to embark on strike through “Occupy Imo”.

In the suit No NICN/ OW/41/2023, in which the attorney-general and the state government are claimants/applicants, they prayed that since there is a subsisting order restraining the defendants from going on strike, the order should be extended.

Labour party wishes to remind Com Joe Ajaero that all court orders must be obeyed by all parties concerned as stated In Adalma Tankers Bunkering Services v. C.B.N.Shugaba v. U.B.N. Plc (1999) 11which states that

“Orders of court as made must be obeyed until set aside. While it is not desirable for the courts to make unbridled Orders, and courts should not do anything to put a clog in the wheel of justice, Orders of the court are to be respected and obeyed.

The dignity and honour of court cannot be maintained if its Orders are treated disdainfully and scornfully without due respect. Consequently, non-compliance with an order of court makes a matter or suit incompetent. In the instant case, the order of the trial court that the 1st respondent be served by substituted means through DHL ought to have been obeyed by the appellants to the letter. The purported service through Crown Courier Services amounted to a blatant disobedience to the Orders of court and one which was rightly condemned by the court of Appeal…

Also this group of law breakers and dissidents needed to be reminded that In Ngo v. Green (2013) 7 NWLR (Pt. 1459) 598 :

” It was held that orders of court are meant to be obeyed. In this case, the Notice of Cross Appeal was filed outside the time ordered by the court. It was therefore defective and liable to be struck out. (P. 623, para. F)Per EKO, J.C.A. at page 626, paras. B-C:”The cross-appeal, as found by my learned brother, is a non-starter. The notice of cross-appeal, filed on 16 th May 2013 outside the 7 days ordered by this court on 18 th April, 2013 for filing the same is incompetent. It is trite that Orders of court are meant to be obeyed as they are not issued for fun.”

The LP condemned in its entirety the moves by the leadership of the organised labour unions,particularly the NLC President,Comr. Joe Ajaero,in his using strike action and unlawful protests to commit contempt of court and unlawfully trying to intimidate the Governor.

The NLC has become a political instrument of Peter Obi for grounding the country.

The police and security agencies should charge the arrested President of the NLC,Comr Joe Ajaero to court,for conniving with the illegal faction of the LP,loyal to Peter Obi,to cause political instability in the country.

Labour party wishes to remind Comrade Joe Ajaero and his group of dissidents arsonist that :

Section 37 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria states that :

(1) Any person who levies war against the State, in order to intimidate or overawe the President or the Governor of a State, is guilty of treason, and is liable to the punishment of death.

(2) Any person conspiring with any person, either within or without Nigeria, to levy war against the State with intent to cause such levying of war as would be treason if committed by a citizen of Nigeria, is guilty of treason and is liable to the punishment of death:

The above section of the criminal code is a clear manifestation that Comrade JOE AJAERO, Comrade EMMANUEL UGBOAJA and Comrade TORO NUHU are all guilty of treason.

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It’s now an open secret most especially that Com Joe Ajaero hatred for the rule of Law especially his grouse with respect to the abysmal performance of his sponsor Mr Peter Obi legal teams in their empty bitter and bland petition that was dismissed under 120 seconds by the 7 justices of the supreme Court .

Rather than abiding by the decisions of the supreme Court that Affirmed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR as Legitimate.

Rather than accepting the supreme Court decisions of September 8th 2023 that REMOVED Sen Athan ACHONU as Labour party candidate in Imo State and replaces him with Chief Ukaegbu Ikechukwu Joseph IKENGA , Com Joe Ajaero has continued to use the instrument of violence and intimidation against the Nigerian state and Governor Hope Uzodima.

We here by commend the Inspector General of Police and the Imo state Police command for their timely intervention to save our country from this shameful Peter Obi NLC military mutinous renegades arsonist who in a gestapo manner attempted to seize power in IMO STATE through deceptive protest that had earlier been restrained by the National industry court Judgement.

Because Nigeria is a Country Governed by Laws and order in which all citizens and leaders must learn to work within its ambits, it is thrite that there are consequences for all wishful thinking and deliberate disobedience to the law of land.

Labour party therefore called on the Central Working Committee of the Nigeria Labour Congress to immediate removed Mr Joe Ajero as the President of NLC and replace him with the Deputy National president with immediate effect.

We called on the Inspector General of Police to transfer the leader of the coup plot to Abuja to face charges of treasonable felony and made to face full wrath of the Law which will ultimately served as a deterrent to other criminals who might be planning to engage themselves in future infractions against the Nigerian state.

Further more, Labour party urges the Inspector General of Police and the Director General of DSS to put all movement and activities of Mr Peter Obi and Julius Abure under surveillance as the duo are enemies of any democratic institutions.

Finally Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa led National Working Committee of Labour party urges Nigerian to be watchful and Vigilant as regnades of disgruntled and secessionist political buccaneers and predators loyal to Mr Gregory -Onwubuasi- Onwubuase-Peter – Obi and Julius Abure are on the prowl to destabilize the country and make Nigeria ungovernable under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR administration.

Let NIGERIA Breathe

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