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Osborn Nweze’s rising net worth

Osborn Nweze Umahi

It is not common to find many under-30s business executives in Nigeria with a net worth of over $200 million. Osborn Nweze Umahi, chairman of Osborn La-Palm Resort Group and managing director of Brass Oil and Construction Limited, is one of the few young Nigerians on such an illustrious list.

Osborn Nweze Umahi who is the son of David Umahi, former governor of Ebonyi State and present Minister of Works, was barely 22 years old when he took over the reins of his father’s company, Brass Oil and Construction to allow him to devote his time and attention to governing Ebonyi State.

Under his management, Brass Oil continues to grow from strength to strength in the downstream sector of the Nigerian petroleum industry.

Similarly, Brass Construction, the other arm of the company, maintained its dominance in its niche in the Southeast and South-South regions.

The 26-year-old, who graduated as a civil engineer at the age of 21 from Surrey University, UK, and also earned his Master’s in Financial and Investment Management from the University of Aberdeen at the age of 24, also doubles as financial director of Forte GCC Innovative Solutions, a company known for the management of the financial assets of many wealthy individuals in Africa.

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As financial director of the company, he has under his oversight a large portfolio of investments that ranges from real estate to bonds and stocks and to oil and gas, among others.

One of the biggest real estate investors in the country and a proven go-getter CEO, Osborn Nweze Umahi is not walking in his father’s shadow but is rather building his own business empire.

His strides so far make him a credible candidate for the very competitive Forbes lists.

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