Johnel NG shares wildly anticipated EP ‘Happy Story, sad reality’

Johnel NG

Multi-genre sensation Johnel NG uplifts and inspires audiences with his highly anticipated EP, ‘Happy Story, Sad Reality,’ released via Onerpm Nigeria.

This latest musical offering showcases Johnel’s profound journey of self-discovery and personal growth throughout the project.

With standout tracks like the previously unveiled “Outcast,” a compelling anthem of new beginnings and relinquishing the past, and the captivating “Hear Me Calling,” which narrates the journey leading up to that transformative moment, Johnel’s musical repertoire leaves a lasting impression.

Records like the previously released tracks “God Did,” “Outcast” and “SOS,” have already proven to be fan favourites and have received great responses – and this project is no different.

The enchanting focus track, “Hear Me Calling,” delves into an atmosphere of confidence following his sonorous and soulful vocals. Johnel eloquently expresses the desire for more grace, acknowledging the repetition of rejection.

With introspective lyrics such as “I know that I’m not alone” and “I’m taking every chance,” the song gracefully captures the emotions of confidence.

Throughout the EP, Johnel’s remarkable vocals effortlessly intertwine with enlightening rhythms and harmonies, creating a resonating masterpiece that transcends genres.

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While songs like “Outcast” encapsulate the artist’s fearlessness in sharing his path to self-acceptance and peace of mind, his unapologetic approach to self-discovery resonates with listeners, emphasizing the significance of leaving the past behind and embracing a future filled with positivity. Connect with Johnel here.

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