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120 Feared Dead in Yemen Mosque Suicide Bombings

Afternoon prayers in the Yemeni capital were hit by a spate of deadly suicide bombings.

At least 126 people have been killed and scores injured at two mosques attended by primarily Shi’ite Houthi Muslims in Sana’a.

There has been no claim of responsibility for the mosque bombings but ISIL supporters on Twitter hailed the attacks. They come just one day after fierce fighting broke out between rival forces in the southern port city of Aden where President Hadi had been forced to flee when the Houthi militia overran Sana’a.

The fighting continued into Friday as anti-aircraft guns fired on planes above the presidential palace in Aden. Just 24 hours earlier fighter planes had shot at the compound, and thirteen people were killed in clashes near the airport.

Yemen is torn by a deepening power struggle between President Hadi and the Shi’ite Houthi group which is allied to former president Saleh.

The Houthis took control of Sana’a last September, though their attempts to expand their grip on other areas has met with resistance from Sunni tribes and Al-Qaeda.

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