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I Helped Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon Get Drugs- Dealer Confesses

New reports have emerged concerning Bobbi Kristina Brown’s alleged drug use. Last week The SunUK spoke to one of her friends, Steven Stephowho who alleged that Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon had been spending thousands of dollars a day on various drugs. Since then, sources have come forward claiming that Stepho was actually the couple’s “dealer.” Until now he had not addressed the claims.

According to Radaronline.com, he initially denied having any part in his friends’ drug habit, but now Stepho has come clean. The young man admitted that he occasionally helped Brown and Gordon procure narcotics. He maintained, however, that he “was not their main dealer.”

“I helped them get it sometimes, but not regularly,”

Previous reports from radaronline.com claimed Stepho was just putting on a “front,” pretending to be concerned about Brown and her longtime boyfriend. Sources said he wanted “to make it seem like he looks like a good guy when he’s not,” adding, “as long as they did IT, he was going to give it to them.”

Stepho said he lied to protect his reputation. He told the site he has cleaned up his act since the incident – he has “a great job,” is currently expecting a child and feared admitting to what he’d done would jeopardize that.

“I don’t want my character and reputation to be ruined,” he said. “That part of my life is way in the past. I made mistakes and have paid my dues for those mistakes. I have a great job and a child on the way and really can’t have me looking like a bad person.”

Stepho has been arrested twice for having heroin on his person. The most recent arrest occurred just two months ago. Prior to that, he served time behind bars for possession with intent to sell.

Nick Gordon admitted to battling addiction during an intervention with Phil McGraw on “The Doctor Phil Show.” During the show he admitted that he was struggling to cope with the death of Whitney Houston and the potential loss of Bobbi Kristina. To make matters worse, Gordon has not been allowed to see his girlfriend since the incident. He has reportedly entered rehab to deal with those issues.

Bobbi Kristina still remains in a medically induced coma at Emory University Hospital. She has shown little to no significant improvement since being found unconscious Jan. 31. Reports claim her family is currently discussing the possibility of taking her off life support, though no decision has been reached.

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