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Why Footballers die while playing on the Football Pitch


Why footballers die while playing on the football pitch.

We hear and read about how footballers die every day especially while playing on the football field.

In 2018, research showed that the likelihood of sudden cardiac death in footballers is 114700 annually, Daily Times gathered.

So, what is cardiac death? Cardiac refers to having heart disease.

This cardiac death is not just found in footballers, every two to three day in the US, a young athlete dies as a result of sudden cardiac arrest.

Sudden cardiac arrest is the major cause of sudden death in an athlete.

Cardiac arrest happens when the heart suddenly stops its normal rhythms and stop pumping blood, it strikes without warning and unless effective emergency steps are taken immediately, death or serious disability will occur.

Athletes are often short of breath when they are working out and their heart pounds.

Kanu Nwankwo is one of the famous footballers who have suffered this cardiac condition.

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It was reported that he underwent surgery during his career in1996 after doctors discovered his cardiac condition.

Before he went for the surgery, he was stopped from playing football, and then he went to America for heart surgery.

Kanu missed nearly a year after having an aortic valve replaced. Footballers and other athlete are advised to regularly go for a heart check-up and general body checkup if possible.

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