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Sunky O Lifestyle & Entertainment App Ready For Launch In 2022

Sunky O Lifestyle Company is getting set to launch its lifestyle and entertainment application in 2022. This will make them the first lifestyle and entertainment company registered in Nigeria to develop an app where you can get updated about premium lifestyle events, tv shows, concerts and all things entertainment.

Chatting with the founder and ceo Ojulari ‘Sunky O’ Olasunkanmi, the lifestyle connoisseur, and branding guru told us that developing the app was an idea that was conceived years ago while he was in the University.

“When I decided to follow my passion and birth the Sunky O Lifestyle Company, I realized that it had to be different in every sense of the word, it had to be unique and special enough to do what others aren’t doing so we can stand out to both our existing and prospective clients, and especially millennials”

“These days everyone uses their smart phone or device to shop or order things, from food to groceries to cab rides. Also the power of social media, has given a lot of companies and businesses the upper hand to market their products and/or services.

We carried out a survey and discovered that lots of people both millennials and under 70s found it easier and better to do things using an app.

Over 85% make use of their smart devices not just for watching movies or listening to music while on the go but also for shopping, banking, buying concert tickets, getting breaking news stories and grocery shopping” he said.

Ojulari revealed that the app is already in beta testing stage to enable them get feedback which will be used to improve and make the app better as well as allow them smooth out any technical hitches that might arise.

“We are working towards having the app fully operational by 2nd quarter of 2022 and making available in the google play store and iOS stores too” he said.

“With apps and smart devices, it’s now easier to keep up with events and other activities. With an app you can do any of these things without losing a beat and sometimes even without data” he explained.

Mr Sunky, stated that they are currently finalizing several partnerships that will allow them offer a variety or products and services to subscribers and users of the app once it’s fully operational.

“You know we have a lot of unique content in Nigeria and around Africa, so we intend to use this platform to make it easier for anyone anywhere in the world to access not just premium lifestyle events but also top notch content too.

We also intend to offer content creators the opportunity to make money by advertising their craft/talent/content on the app” He revealed.

Ojulari Olasunkanmi aka ‘Sunky O’ as he is popularly known is a lifestyle connoisseur, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

He is also the founder/ceo of “The Sunky O Lifestyle Company”, one of the premium entertainment & lifestyle brands based in Lagos, Nigeria

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