Stop dishonouring Kashamu’s memory, Fayose to Obasanjo

Fayose's insults on Obasanjo is a sacrilege in Yoruba land -Bode George

Former governor of Ekiti State, Peter Ayodele Fayose, has hit out at President Olusegun Obasanjo, calling out the former President to cease peddling denigrating remarks about the character of the demised senator.

The former governor expressed his candour on Twitter on Saturday evening where he tweeted

“It is regrettable that Obasanjo could say what he said about Buruji Kashamu after his death and when he can no longer question him. Why didn’t he say that when Kashamu was alive”?

The highly controversial Fayose also took an implicit swipe at the character of Obasanjo, claiming that the former number one citizen is no saint and therefore had no reasonable grounds to impeach the character of the deceased senator.

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“Nigerians will watch out for Obasanjo‘s own end. He should stop forming saint because he is not.  He should also remember that his own end will come too and nobody knows how the end will be” Fayose said.

Fayose further alleged that President Obasanjo could ostensibly, at some point been working in league with Sen Kashamu in his shady dealings.

Daily Times had earlier reported the death of Buruji Kashamu, a member of Nigeria’s 8th Assembly who died of coronavirus complications on Saturday.

Sen Kashamu, until his death had been involved in a protracted legal battle against the federal government over drug trafficking charges; a taint on his reputation which made the former President aver that while the senator had managed to evade the long arms of the law, he couldn’t evade the cold hands of death.

In his reactionary comment, Gov Fayose has now condemned Obasanjo’s remarks, calling out the former president to submit himself for probe if he has no skeletons in his cupboard.

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