Reps to Investigate Controversial Clauses in Samoa Partnership Agreement

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The House of Representatives has launched an investigation into controversial clauses in the Samoa Partnership Agreement signed recently by the Federal Government.

According to a statement signed by House Spokesman, Rep. Akin Rotimi Jr, on Tuesday, this is to ensure that they align with constitutional provisions, extant laws, and national interests.

The move follows concerns raised about controversial clauses allegedly promoting LGBT rights and potentially infringing on Nigeria’s sovereignty.

“The House is committed to shaping Nigeria’s foreign policy in line with national interests,” Rep. Akin Rotimi Jr said.

“We will thoroughly scrutinize the agreement to address any ambiguities and ensure transparency in treaty negotiations.”

The investigation was prompted by a motion sponsored by Rep. Aliyu Sani Madaki and co-sponsored by 88 lawmakers, which sparked debate in the Green Chamber.

While some lawmakers expressed concerns about specific articles in the agreement, House Leader Rep. Julius Ihonvbere clarified that the agreement does not include provisions related to LGBT rights or a $150 billion fund, contrary to public speculation.

The House, therefore, mandated its committees to engage with stakeholders and report back within four weeks.

“We must ensure that our national interests are protected, and our sovereignty is not compromised,” said Rep. Kingsley Chinda, House Minority Leader.

The investigation aims to provide clarity and transparency in the agreement, aligning with Section 12 of the Nigerian Constitution, which mandates parliamentary involvement in treaty negotiations.

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