Pursue Your Passion; Success Will Follow Automatically — Elizabeth Sommers


We are all passionate about something, and very few things offer the same satisfaction as following our passions.

It requires hard work, dedication, focus, and courage to learn from failures and move ahead.

But the success at the end of it all is extremely rewarding. Elizabeth Sommers, a registered nurse with special training in aesthetic medicine, feels the same way.

Elizabeth Sommers has over 17 years of experience in the medical field and has been practicing for 12 years as an expert in aesthetic medicine. She credits her significant success to her passion for the medical field and the beauty industry. Here, she shares three reasons why she believes everyone should pursue their passion.

Passion pushes you to exceed your limits.

As an adolescent, Elizabeth Sommers was quite fascinated by science and beauty. She says, “I have a heart for helping people, and that’s what I wanted to do in my life.” She had a passion for the beauty industry, and after moving to the West Coast from Virginia Beach, she started her dream career in aesthetic medicine. Elizabeth dedicated all her time to mastering her craft, building her expertise, and becoming a trainer for top pharmaceutical companies. “It’s the passion that keeps us going through the tough days and helps us push boundaries to attain success,” she says.

Passion stimulates creativity in work.

Elizabeth Sommers believes that her passion for the aesthetic and medical industry helps her be creative with her work. She mentions that if you love your work, you will want to be the best at it. You will try your best to come up with creative solutions for your problems, and throughout your journey, your passion will keep pushing you to get better. According to Elizabeth Sommers, passionate people are also the most creative.

Passion gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Elizabeth Sommers says, “Getting to do the work I am passionate about every day is my greatest achievement.” She adds that people often associate success with wealth or fame. However, they forget that being rich or famous doesn’t guarantee fulfillment. Being in a profession that helps you reach your full potential and make a difference in the world is more satisfying than monetary gains. She believes that through her work, she is impacting the lives of her clients positively, and that makes her feel successful and accomplished.

Elizabeth Sommers further explains that it took her several years to become a registered nurse with special training in the aesthetic field. She fulfilled her goal to become a trainer for pharmaceutical companies Allergan and Galderma. In 2020, she was selected as one of the few top practitioners licensed to use a newly FDA-approved brand of hyaluronic acid fillers called Revance. She attributes her success to her passion for medical aesthetics and her constant efforts to be the best at her job.

Passion becomes your guiding light in bleak times. It motivates you and helps you better your work. It is no surprise, therefore, that passionate people are the most successful. Elizabeth Sommers concludes, “If you want to truly succeed, pursue something that gives you great joy, something you’re passionate about.”

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