Expelled Members Behind Attack On Gani Adams- OPC

The leadership of the Oodua Peoples’ Congress (OPC) has dismissed the recent attack on the personality of its national leader of the group Chief Gani Adams by the OPC National Coordinating Council saying that the group was comprised of people who were expelled from the OPC as far back as 2007.

Speaking through a press statement signed by the Publicity Secretary, Hakeen Ologunro, OPC dismissed the attack on Adams saying that the allegation by the shady characters is indeed laughable.

Ologunro claimed that the renegades were being sponsored by some politicians to attack the OPC. According to the statement, the OPC berated the expelled members for claiming to be bonafide members of the body after being expelled from the group for over three years.

OPC furthermore reiterated its call for the sack of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Attahiru Jega.

Here is the Full Text of the Statement;

Expelled members behind attack on Gani Adams

The actions of a faceless group, which calls itself the OPC National Coordinating Council has come to our notice. The group, comprising people who were expelled from the OPC as far back as 2007, claimed in a press statement that they have been betrayed by Otunba Gani Adams.

This allegation by the shady characters who signed the statement is indeed laughable.

The group, claiming to be members of an organization they were expelled from more than three years now, is nothing but a drowning man trying to cling to everything in sight to stay afloat. And of course, we are not unaware that the action of the group is the hand of Peter and voice of Paul.

They are only being used by some politicians to attack the OPC. They also, in their ignorance, cited the pipeline contract as a way by President Goodluck Jonathan to buy the Yoruba race. But these people don’t know that the contract talks about the job actually started more than two years ago.

However, while it would not be necessary to honour them by replying their statement point by point, we would, however, want the public to know that this group of people is only out to remake themselves and to seek the attention, which they know that they will get by attacking the person of Otunba Gani Adams.

But they have forgotten or have simply refused to acknowledge the fact that the beautiful roles Otunba Adams has played in Yorubaland cannot be rubbished or obliterated.

The major character in this macabre dance is one Shina Akinpelu. He was indeed a member of the OPC in Ibadan, but was sacked from the congress for engaging in anti­-congress activities in 2013. Just two weeks ago, the same Akinpelu came to Lagos from his Ibadan base to plead with

Otunba Gani Adams to reconsider the sack and allow him to come back, promising that he is a reformed man.

At that meeting, Otunba Adams, in his usual manner, told Akinpelu that he bore no grudge against him and gave him money. But like the leopard, Akinpelu has confirmed that he can never be reformed.

However, for the benefit of Nigerians, our stand on the election and support for President Jonathan remain unchanged. We decided on President Jonathan simply because we believe that, of the two candidates, he has a better agenda for the Yoruba race. So, rather than their allegation that we are supporting the president for personal gains, our decision was formed because of the larger Yoruba benefits.

We have also state clearly that the chairman of INEC, Prof Attahiru Jega, has not shown enough commitment to conduct a free and fair election.

For instance, the issue of PVC, which have been shown to have been collected in areas where there is violence in the north, whereas the figures released for the south of the country has been abysmal.

In the same vein, INEC has created an additional 30000 polling units in the north, giving an unfair advantage to the north over the rest of the country.

In simple terms, these forms of deliberate injustices are what the OPC is fighting against. It must, however, be noted that since the OPC was formed, we have always stated that we stand for the emancipation of the Yoruba race from any form of slavery. We also stand against any form of injustice in any form or nature.

And these long­standing principles have not changed. If you recall, we were in the forefront of the calls for the release of Alhaji Asari Dokubo and Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, both of whom are non- Yoruba. We spent our money and resources to fight for the release of these two men without expecting anything in return.

We formed an organization, Coalition of Free Dokubo and Uwazuruike (COFDU), held several press conferences, printed pamphlets and handbooks to campaign for their release.

Nothing has changed between then and now. And we remain committed to fighting for a defending anybody who we believe is being cheated.

Thank you.

Hakeen Ologunro,

Publicity Secretary,

Oodua People’s Congress

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