Bobbi Kristina's Cousin Releases Music Video Tribute

As Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to fight for her life in coma, her cousin, Jerod Brown recently released a video to express his feelings about her struggling health in a music video.

The young artiste who also goes by the stage nameYF Kennedy, debuted “#Pray4Bk,” a song and accompanying music video, on Sunday, March 15. Jerod sings and raps about Bobbi Kristina in the tribute, and calls it an “inspirational piece.”

Jerod, who has found himself in conflict with his uncle Bobby Brown and other family members and defended Bobbi’s boyfriend Nick Gordon, opens the music video;

“I never thought that it would come to this, speaking on behalf of my cousin Kris.”

The musician goes on to reference Bobbi Kristina’s condition, rapping about his cousin “who’s been in a coma for weeks.” He referred to Bobby Brown’s warnings saying;

“Statements out but I ain’t trippin’ / Never once did I mention her condition / While she still alive, I’m praying to the sky / And for that, I don’t need your permission.”

Meanwhile, Bobby Brown through his legal team advised people not to take his reports seriously;

“Jerod Brown aka Jerod Carter aka YF Kennedy, continues to makes statements and appear on television, however, he has not had any communication with Bobby Brown or the Houston family,” a February statement from Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC, legal counsel for Bobbi’s father Bobby Brown, read. “He must be disregarded. Please do not attend any ‘meet and greet’ organized by Jerod Brown as he is unable to provide access to Bobbi Kristina or information on her condition. This is a criminal investigation and we do not need this side show.”

What do you think about this? Do you think he is doing it out of respect for Bobbi Kristina or for selfish reasons?

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