At Delphi Metals, customers design their jewellery says CEO Awe


While most jewellery brands become popular because of their celebrity customers, that is not the case with Delphi Metals, Nigeria’s wave-making bespoke jewellery designer brand. According to Awe Olutayo, the CEO of the brand: “We consider all our clients as celebrities, therefore, even if you are not famous, you get the same treatment we give our famous clients.”

Speaking further, he stated: “We respect the privacy of our clients, however, but a few names are out there who celebrates us too, and that includes Yomi Casual, Gedoni and Khafi, amongst others.”

On why Delphi Metals and a few others that are focused on bespoke designs of jewellery are riding high, Awe offered a concise explanation: “The jewellery industry in Nigeria has for a long time been built around pure retail, by which customers options are restricted to the designs provided by jewellery retailers.

So, it is therefore not surprising that Delphi Metals is popular because we make people’s dreams come alive by solving the issue of jewellery lovers not being able to walk into any store or look online and create their own unique pieces. Right now, we allow customers to come into our stores and design their own jewellery pieces. They can also do that on our website.”

While the jewellery industry is afflicted with the scourge of counterfeits, the Delphi Metals boss said that should not worry any genuine and determined jeweller.
He said: “You can only try your best, but one cannot win the whole crowd.

I always try to advise people that it is better you pay more and get value than pay less and lose your entire money. Many times, people have come back to me to complain about how they got duped or scammed of their money in trying to pay less for the same quality they wanted from us. In trying to play smart, they have ended up paying almost twice an amount for just one item.”

Awe also added: “I try to put disclaimers out there from time to time, but there will always be imitations.”

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