African Creators Tasked on New Frontiers

The Creative Director, TM Global, Mr. Elijah Affi has challenged African Creators to keep pushing the boundaries of creativity by creating new spaces to be the voice of the new generation at TM CON 2023 in Abuja, Nigeria’s Capital on November 11, 2023.

TM CON 2023 unfolded as a vibrant tapestry of innovation, casting a spotlight on the launch of Digital Native Africa (DNA). The theme, “Reimagining Creativity,” echoed the aspirations of each of the 1000-PIUS participants.

From the first panel on building global brands to the climactic exploration of mental health in “Creative Juice, Maintaining the Flow,” TM CON 2023 unfolded as a symphony of insights. Thought leaders, including Steve Gukas (CEO, Natives Filmworks), Eddie Madaki (Meta Luxury Manager), Dapa Ayo-Adeusi (Strategic Partner Manager at YOUTUbe), Bizzle Osikoya (Cofounder, The Plug), Dr. Foy, Folarin Aluko, Tope Salami (International Entertainment Lawyer), Yemisi Isidi, and Maryam Bukar (Alhanlslam), graced the stage, sharing their expertise and molding the future.

In the impactful session, “African Stories: The Next Frontier” by Steve Gukas and Elijah Affi, the narrative unfolded—technology transcends its role as a tool and becomes a transformative force when guided by expertise. This compelling insight promises a new era for African innovation.

As the echoes of TM CON 2023 linger in the media and tech sectors, it becomes evident that the conference wasn’t merely an event; it was a testament to the infinite possibilities emerging when creativity and technology seamlessly converge.

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