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EXPOSED!!!: 20 Pastors That are Members of Church of Satan, 8 Of Them Are Popular African Pastors. See them (with Pictures)

Some popular African Pastors who have links with Illuminati and the church of Satan are not open about it because the church of Satan membership in Africa is not usually publicized for fear of being stigmatized or condemned.See church Illuminati Members ALSO CHECK>>APPLY NOW: UNITED NATIONS VACANCY (GRADUATES AND NON-GRADUATES) Illuminati have deeply …

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EXPOSED!!!: 20 Celebrities in Illuminati cult, 8 Of Them Are Popular Nigerian Celebrities See them (with Pictures)

Many Nigerian celebrities are often reported to be Illuminati members. This secret society keeps on recruiting many famous and influential people around the world. Prominent Nigerian musicians, singers, producers, and actors are not an exception. Owing to such a policy, Illuminati members in Nigeria can totally control the society. This …

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