Zikid Spiritual: Rising Nigerian Artiste Garnering Unprecedented Social Media Attention


Zikid Spiritual, also known as Adekunle Abiodun Michael, is making waves as a multi-talented singer, producer, and songwriter from Nigeria. With a captivating presence on social media, his popularity has surpassed even his own imagination, receiving an outpouring of love and attention from fans. However, the intriguing story behind his stage name remains untold.

Born into the Adekunle family in December, during the early 1990s, Zikid Spiritual hails from Ondo state, Nigeria, although he spent his early life in Abuja. In a recent interview, Zikid Spiritual shared that his stage name was born during his secondary school days. His friends would playfully refer to him as “Zee” due to his use of a particular bath soap called Zee, and in response, he humorously adopted the name “Spiritual.” Little did he know that this playful nickname would eventually become his stage identity.

In Nigeria, the addition of “Spiritual” to a person’s name often raises eyebrows, with many associating it with diabolical or occult practices. However, Zikid Spiritual clarifies that his chosen name holds no connection to such beliefs. He wants to distance himself from any misconceptions and emphasize that his name is purely a product of youthful banter.

With his meteoric rise to fame, Zikid Spiritual has faced both criticism and support on social media. Some of the initial criticism has transformed into genuine admiration for his musical talent within the Nigerian music industry. However, this surge of attention has also attracted envy, as some question the source of his popularity, especially considering he remains an unsigned artist.

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Addressing the skepticism, Zikid Spiritual shares, “If Tunde Ednut and Gossipmill have shown me so much love and support, it’s simply because I believe the grace in my music is resonating. This should not provoke hatred from anyone.” Despite the challenges he has faced along the way, Zikid Spiritual remains grateful for his accomplishments. His music has successfully reached audiences across the country, and he has had the opportunity to perform on various stages alongside well-known acts in the Nigerian music scene.

Zikid Spiritual’s unique blend of talent and social media appeal has propelled him to new heights within the Nigerian music industry. As he continues to make his mark, fans can anticipate even greater achievements in the future.

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