Zeberced Group reveals plans to industrialize Nigeria

says Idu industrial park to create 40,000 jobs

By Ukpono Ukpong

The Managing Director of Zeberced Group, a leading conglomerate in Nigeria, Adil Aydin Kurt, has revealed plans to contribute to the country’s economic growth through massive industrialisation.

This is as he said that the ongoing Idu Industrial park project will create no fewer than 40,000 jobs.

Speaking with journalists in Abuja, Kurt said that if the industrial parks are replicate across the six geopolitical zones of the county, it could help to prone down the number of the teaming unemployed youths in the country.

“Everybody is now focusing on residential development. Yes, of course, we need residential areas, but first, people need to be able to feed themselves. We have to create jobs for them. This industrial park in Abuja is going to be a sample project, and we plan to have it in all 36 states. It’s the first organized industrial park project of its kind, and it will also attract foreign investors to come to Nigeria because we know there is manpower and market demand here.

“By the way, we have never received any projects from local or federal governments. Whatever we invest and earn in this country, we reinvest. We also have estate projects and different visions.

“We established the first commercial ready-to-mix batching plant, which is crucial for development. Because this country is developing, especially Abuja, which represents Nigeria and should be the best capital city in Africa given Nigeria’s potential and the potential of its people. However, we need private sector support.

“We cannot rely solely on the government. So, because of that, we are willing to expand our operations into waste treatment and solid waste management systems, as well as addressing power issues because we have many visions. We want to work together with the media to add value to this country.

“We have strong partnerships and stakeholders. We were the ones who did the airport runway project in collaboration with Julius Berger. We also supply all the materials for the Abuja-Kaduna Road. We know how to contribute to the economy. As I mentioned, when we started the quarry business, it was just a bush. Now, it has become one of the largest operations, bringing economic benefits to the country. If you consider this advantage, we have ample resources for developing this country.

“We are here to help, to add value, and to support our people. We want to be partners and collaborate to create a better future because Africa is going to play a critical role in the world, and Nigeria is the giant in Africa. Just as China became a global power due to manpower, resources, and market demand, Nigeria has the same potential.

“Every private sector and industry want to establish operations around Lagos, but Lagos cannot accommodate everything. We need to diversify activities across the country to ensure equal growth; otherwise, some areas may develop while others face crises.

“First, we need to provide for the people’s basic needs. Then, we can improve their standard of living. We have many visions, and we will come and share these ideas with you over time.

“As investors in an industrial park, there will be 200 factories. As a group of companies, we aim to establish between 10 and 15 factories ourselves. We believe that there should be many entrepreneurs like Dangote in this country because we have the potential. We just need support, and we are ready to provide support as well.

“In the industrial park, there will be a 100-megawatt power plant, railway facilities, and logistic advantages. We have established our plastic pipe factories and are preparing the factories to produce and build other factories. We also support small industries, micro-industries, to assist larger ones, including artisans, welders, and mechanics.”

He said that the 250 hectares industrial parks area, when completed would accommodate 200 factories, railways, power plants, and logistic warehouses, as well as small support services to cater to the big industries.

While noting that Nigeria has a lot of potentials, he said that the country has the resources and manpower to produce over 95 percent of the goods that is imported abroad.

Also speaking, the Emir of Jiwa, Alhaji Idris Musa noted that Zeberced group have contributed to the growth and development of the community, but called on them to do more in terms of job creation for youths of the community.

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