You’re a failed actress Angela Okorie blasts Yvonne Jegede

Yvonne Jegede

By Orji Onyekwere

Outspoken Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has come down heavily on her fellow actress Yvonne Jegede, for throwing her support behind Yul Edochie’s marriage to Judy Austin and even using Senator Ned Nwoko’s marriage to justify Yul’s action

She also tackled Yvonne for her unsavoury comments against May Edochie, Yul Edochie’s ex wife. Angela carpeted Jegede whom she called a failed actress with no pedigree. She said there was no need comparing Yul’s marriage to Judy with that of Senator Ned Nwoko.

Recall that sultry actress Yvonne Jegede, in a recent interview on Honest Bunch podcast, co-anchored by OAP Nedu, of Wazobia FM, shared her experience in her collapsed marriage, where she thrashed her ex-husband. According to her, Yul has received unnecessary criticism because of his second marriage, she argued that the Nigerian culture accommodates marrying more than one wife.

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Following mounting pressure from the public, Yvonne Jegede has written a public apology to May, for her comments, However Angela seem not to be moved by this public apology. According to her, Yvonne’s comments only exposed her ignorance and the fact that actresses are in the habit of sleeping with other people’s husbands

She wrote, “Failed actress with no pedigree, person go just open mouth wahhh like person wey get diarrhea of the mouth; Dey insult another woman pain like wtf na so this idi*t and her useless co-horts do pr say their mama dey mad just for propaganda,oh well not every mother is a mother, not every wife is a wife, some wives are knifes.

“Yvonne from that podcast you showed how low and senseless you are you know some Nollywood girls are used to becoming second wives from snatching people’s husbands, so it is normal to them else, how can a woman that sucked her mum’s breast for 9 months talk like this. Now you are writing nonsense epistles, numbskull, upon say you don old for Nollywood, you no blow, still no get sense, abeg shift, make I see human beings”

In the meantime, Queen May’s lawyer, Emeka Ugwuonye, has lambasted Yvonne Jegede over her support for Yul Edochie’s second marriage adding that the actor has not been fulfilling his responsibility of taking care of his children.

He however warned Yvonne Jegede not to compare Senator Ned Nwoko’s marriage and that of Yul Edochie, rather she should look at the error in Yul Edochie’s ways.


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