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Yerima Says That Jonathan Is Toying with Yoruba's Intelligence

Former House of Representatives member, Dr Haruna Yerima has called on the Yoruba’s to beware of President Goodluck Jonathan as he is toying with the intelligence of Yoruba people by saying that he would implement National Conference report if re-elected.

Yerima, who served on the Devolution of Power committee of the National Conference said even if Jonathan implemented the entire report, it won’t stop corruption, address inequality or spurs development.

He said it is insulting to the Yoruba people for Jonathan to say he will implement the conference report, asking “Is Jonathan going to remove immunity clause as recommended by the conference? No. What is there in the report that he is using now to cajole the South west people into voting for him?”

The former lawmaker said ‎the report neither addressed corruption nor inequality in the country, adding that it won’t spur the needed development in the country.

He explained that “the report didn’t give the South west people their age long desire of ‘true federalism.’ In fact, nobody talked about it at the conference. It also didn’t give them the parliamentary system as well as the regional system of government they requested during the conference. So, what is there for them?”

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