Women’s Health: Nigerian NGO tackles prevailing issues


Nigeria faces a daunting challenge in maternal and women’s health. The statistics are a stark reminder of the urgency of addressing these issues:

According to the World Bank, Nigeria’s maternal mortality ratio stands at 512 deaths per 100,000 live births. This indicates a higher risk for expectant mothers during childbirth.

UNICEF reports that Nigeria contributes significantly to the global burden of hmaternal and child mortality, with approximately 58,000 maternal deaths and 700,000 newborn deaths each year.

The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights that only 39% of births in Nigeria are attended by skilled health personnel, indicating a pressing need for improved access to prenatal and maternal healthcare.

In a significant achievement, Love for Health, a prominent non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to women’s health and empowerment, is making substantial strides in addressing prevalent maternal and women’s health issues.

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Founded by the visionary Dr. Haroun Yusuf in 2008, Love for Health (LHO) is steadfast in its commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services, encompassing clinical care, reproductive health support, prenatal services, mental health assistance, and more.

All the while, LHO remains a staunch advocate for gender equality and the eradication of gender-based violence.

LHO’s mission is firmly grounded in the belief that every woman, regardless of her financial circumstances, deserves access to top-tier healthcare and support. Their recent achievements underscore this unwavering commitment to women and children’s well-being.

Recent Initiatives to Address Natal Issues

  • Almighty Rolex Secondary School, Lagos, Nigeria: At this event, LHO reached out to 210 girls, providing them with essential items such as menstrual pads, exercise books, and other writing materials, including a thorough orientation by professionals on menstrual complications, hormonal imbalance and PCOS. These contributions are pivotal in ensuring access to education and promoting menstrual health among young girls.
  • Unita Hospital and Maternity: In a recent outreach program, Love for Health extended its support to six women who received cash gifts, aiding them in various aspects of their lives, particularly concerning maternal health.
  • 3.Pivic Group of Schools, Lagos, Nigeria: During this event, 87 girls were empowered through the distribution of gifts and souvenirs. In addition to these offerings, Dr. Haroun Yusuf personally provided over 500 free consultations and extended cash support to over 400 individuals, both online and offline. A Vision for the Future in Tackling Natal Issues
  • The achievement of surpassing 1200 outreaches marks a pivotal milestone for Love for Health, emphasizing their dedication to addressing prevalent natal and women’s health issues. LHO’s vision includes conducting 100,000 outreaches within a year and reaching one million outreaches in the next ten years. To realize this ambitious goal, LHO has assembled a dedicated and experienced team of healthcare workers who are passionately committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of women and children across Nigeria.
  • As Love for Health continues to expand its reach and impact, the organization remains unwavering in its commitment to women’s health, empowerment, and the elimination of gender-based violence. Dr. Haroun Yusuf and his team at LHO are true champions of the cause, and their recent accomplishments exemplify their dedication to improving the lives of women in Nigeria.

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