Woman cries out after husband killed & buried their child with the help of a pastor for rituals


The woman whose husband killed their son and buried him with the help of his pastor has spoken out about her ordeal.

36-year-old Chidi Onyishi was arrested in Enugu State for allegedly killing his seven-year-old son named Chukwudalu for money rituals.

His blind pastor, Okeke Eneokwor, was also arrested for leading Onyishi to kill his son.

Chukwudalu’s mother spoke to BBC Igbo, narrating what transpired on October 20.

The mother-of-six said she returned to their home at 25 Taylor Avenue Coal Camp, Enugu, on the fateful day to find that Chidalu, who is her 3rd child and second son, was not at home with his siblings.

She said it was unusual because her kids obey instructions and whenever you tell them not to leave the house, they stay put.

She said she came out to ask neighbours if they had seen her 7-year-old son but no one had an idea where he was.

She began calling her husband but he wasn’t picking.

He later picked after a long time and said he had no idea where their son was.

She said her husband, a keke driver, later came home in his keke and saw neighbours sympathising with her as she was crying about her missing son. When asked if he knew where his son went, he kept insisting he didn’t send his son anywhere, neither did he take the boy out.

She said her husband then called his mother to let her know their son was missing.

He left home not long after then called Mama Chidalu on phone, telling her to leave the neighbours and go into the house because most of them are witches and wizards.

Mama Chidalu said she immediately began going from one prayer place to the other, and they all said her son will be found.

Days went by and the son was still not found so Chidi Onyishi reported to the police station two days later that his son was missing.

One Saturday, 14 days after the boy went missing, Mama Chidalu said she was home when her husband came back and asked if she cooked. She gave him food, he ate and slept.

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