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I Will Not Join Issues with Parasite – Gani Adams

Following a reaction from a Council member of the Oodua Peoples’ Congress (OPC) to the rally of Monday, the national Coordinator of the group, Otunba Gani Adams said he has decided not to react to a ‘faceless’ council member who he described as a parasite.

Gani Adams disclosed this while briefing journalists at the post national conference summit held in Lagos that it is no doubt that the protest of Monday shook the entire structure of APC, “they were confused and were looking for any rabblerouser to say any negative thing against me”, he added.

In his word, “My personality is beyond where you can sponsor a parasite to say negative thing against me, I am not the one who build myself, it is God almighty and a house God build, no man can destroy.

“I will not join issues with parasites, I will not join issues with wings who do not have a foundation.
“I will not join issue with somebody who issued a press statement without showing himself and he called himself a council; we have a secretary, treasurer, financial secretary and other strong coordinators who did not write any statement but somebody who collected N4million from Tinubu to issue a propaganda against Nigerians and that is absolutely childish.

“If you have issue with me, face me, don’t use parasite against me. If you can’t compete with me, go and put yourself where you belong. Instead of them to dissipate their energy to convince Nigerians about what they have to do, they are busy chasing OPC just because of one day rally with one per cent of its members, what if we move 20 per cent, what do they think will happen?.”

Otunba Gani Adams mentained that the rally did not in any way affect APC, but that the essence of the noise raised by the party remained not clear.

“They threatened to take OPC and President Jonathan to ICC, do they think ICC products are fools?

“Do we have war in Nigeria?

“Instead of them to take Boko Haram and those who keep spreading inflammatory statement to ICC, they are threatening OPC and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The OPC national Coordinator however chide the APC for spreading a photograph which was taking on the 8 of December, 2011 as the photograph of the rally.

The picture circulated by APC was a photograph taking during a peaceful protest led by Dr. Fasheun on the 8 of December, 2011, against the Boko Haram. There is no time Gani Adams will lead OPC members in a protest and members will wear black, it will either be white or blue.

How long will APC continue to deceive Nigerians, this is how they also lied when they syndicated a photograph of Buhari taken in Abuja claiming it was taken in London. They must change from that attitude because Awolowo did not start like that; if you are shouting change, you must desist from a life lie.

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