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Why Nigerians needs to see positivity in Forex Trading- Serial entrepreneur, Coker Anthony speaks

Coker Anthony

By Mutiat Alli

Serial entrepreneur, Coker Anthony have revealed reasons why an average Nigerian need to invest and see the positivity of involving in forex trading as an alternative to increase their wealth and attain a sustainable financial dream.

Coker have been in the forex and trading system for over 3 years with an unfailing track record for years.

Coker is currently an the verge of setting up an asset management company with his partner Folarin Nelson, to help driver diversify in investment and funds for not just HNIs but also average income earners.

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Speaking on venturing into forex trading, Coker noted that the financial market has been a great asset, infact the largest financial market in the world with a daily injection of 6.6trillion dollars as such his involvement in forex trading is not just for personal use but also for passive income.

On the risk of trading, he disclosed that Forex trading is not RISK-FREE when you trade as there is chance of losing capital invested and brokers do not cover for that.

But been smart and disciplined with my risk management strategy. That alone set me aside.

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