Why I’m helping women enhance their bums, hips- Anita Joseph

Anita Joseph

Sultry actress, Anita Joseph speaks to ORJI ONYEKWERE about marriage, career and business. Excerpts:

We have seen less of you these days in movies and soaps operas. What is taking your time; marriage or business?

You have not been watching my movies because I have a lot of movies online, on Amazon and Netflix. That I am married does not mean I will not work. I work because I married the kind of man that gives me time to work. If I don’t work, I cannot cope.

What is it like, being married? What makes him special? How are you combining the home front, making movies and managing your business?

Marriage has been beautiful; it’s been sweet and wonderful. My husband is such a nice man; he is a gift that was sent to me by God. He is from heaven. I have been able to combine acting, family and business with the support of my family especially my husband. In addition, I have been able to handle both because my mother taught me well.

On your whatsApp platform, you said you are an actor, counselor and kingdom influencer. Are you now a born again and marriage counselor as well?

That’s on my Instagram. I have been born again for a long time. I have always been born again. Of course, I am a marriage counselor. A lot of people always say, how can you do that when you have been married just for only three years, what do you know? It’s not how long, but how well. There are pastors that are not married, but they can counsel you concerning your marriage. God still works through them. You see, when God has called you to do something, He will equip you; it’s not about how long you have been married. I counsel a lot of people in their marriages and I have been able to save a lot of homes.

Has marriage made you more matured in the way you dress and expose your body?

I don’t expose my body; God has made everything about me good.

Are you working on any movie now, either yours or someone’s?

I have just finished the movie ‘Official Visit’ and I have also done ‘Golden Child’. I have done a lot of movies I cannot remember their names.

How has the industry opened the doors for you?

The industry has opened the door for me in several ways and God has been extremely helpful.

Tell us more about Hourglassfashionworld. What are you into?

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Unlike other celebrities, your marriage has been on the quiet side, no scandals. What’s the secret? What’s your advice to other young women and celebrities?

God has been the reason. You have to pray and read your bible because prayer is always the key and you also try and read books. There will be lots of temptations on your way, but you need to be steadfast.

You need to listen. If you come to the industry, there are bad people that will advise you and there are also good ones that will also advise you. It’s left for you to know which one to pick, the one that will ruin you or the one that will build your marriage. God has been faithful and I married my friend and paddy. God has been faithful to us

What’s the most romantic thing your husband has done since you got married?

My husband does romantic things every day. The other day, I was on set filming and he visited me. He came on set and gave me some good kisses, what can be more romantic than this, though he did not come with flowers. He does romantic things all the time, how many do I want to mention.

Is there anything you wished, but you have not achieved in the movie industry?

No. God has been faithful to me, I must tell you. I am still working; I have not gotten to my peak though. I am still working hard and moving forward because you are never satisfied no matter the money you have. I have achieved a lot by God’s grace and I still want to go higher and higher and entertain you guys.


My husband does romantic things every day. The other day, I was on set filming and he visited me. He came on set and gave me some good kisses.

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