Why I’m considered a top movie producer– Candy Brown Mamlouk

Candy Brown Mamlouk has revealed why she is considered as one of the top rated producers in the country.

Speaking in an interview with journalists, the passionate Candy revealed that “I had so many limitations around me, I knew deep down in my head I wasn’t born for limitations, I could feel it in my soul.

” I hear God telling me everyday that He has prepared something magical and earth-shaking for me and that I must go for it.

On a faithful occasion, I knew I had to leave my limitations and environment to be able to go for my dreams.

Suddenly I moved back to Lagos, yes I was born in Lagos but we had moved to our home town. So yes, I moved back to Lagos, I succeeded with all my hopes and dreams.

“With all these afflictions, I can say it has helped brew who I want to be and who I am now, with a tremendous impact on my mental health, for positive results and determination to work. If you have all of these then you can scale through and win as much as I am now.

“I have tried in the Journey to work with some reputable personals and professionals in the field and I must say the process has been smooth.

Though it has its ups and downs but well, all businesses have their challenges, the most important thing is learning how to go through it and come out successfully.

“I still have my big plans and hopes that all my dreams and Ideas are brought to light, through my wonderful stories I have to share with the world at Large.
im stating that Candy Mamlouk will ensure that by the Grace of God, history shall be made.

“As many will say, A good and delicious meal needs skills and Knowledge to prepare it. Filmmaking is a passion for me and it is something that I have wanted to not just come in like every other day, but to come in and make a change.

“I am in the process of enhancing my creativity in the Movie world and working towards the path that concerns the seven stages of film production which are, development, pre-production, production, principal photography, wrap, post-production, distribution and marketing,” she concluded.

Candy was born into the family of Ocholis in the 1980s, she started her early education from Becky Day Nursery & Primary School Idah, Kogi State, then proceeded to Federal government college ugwolawo where she had her secondary school education.

While craving for more knowledge, she proceeded to Olabisi Onabanjo University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

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