Why I sometimes sleep inside coffin -Charly Boy

Charly Boy

By Orji Onyekwere

Septuagenarian singer, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy, has stirred the hornet’s nest after he admitted that he sometimes sleeps in a coffin he kept in his house.

The maverick singer made this revelation while featuring in the recent episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’. The veteran singer also disclosed that he has remarried his wife more than thrice and does not really care much about sex.

On his role in the rapper Eedris Abdul Kareem and American rapper 50 Cent’s saga, the outspoken singer said, being the PMAN president then he has to do everything to defend Nigerian musicians.

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According to Charly Boy, he was making his hair when he received a call from Abdulkareem that he was being manhandled by 50 Cent’s bouncers.

He immediately mobilised men on three thousand bikes to the Murtala Muhammed Airport, where Abdulkareem was.

On getting there, he was briefed by Abdulkareem and thereafter he went to confront 50 Cent.

“Back then, if I was walking past the motorcycle park and I waved my hand, all the motorcyclists would follow me. So, I stormed the airport with almost 3000 bikes,”

“On getting to the airport, I asked Eedris to tell me what happened and he said he was booked for a show alongside 50 Cent and he went to sit in the first class in the plane where the rapper was and his bouncers asked him to leave that the first class space wasn’t for Nigerian artistes but he refused, then they beat him up.

“They also beat his bouncer who tried to rescue him from them. 50 Cent was aware of what happened. After Eedris narrated his ordeal, I asked where 50 Cent was and they pointed to an SUV. So I went into the SUV to confront him.

“Already, 50 Cent’s security team was seeing the tension around the airport with the bike men moving around. I was also very high that day. I said to 50 Cent, ‘You are the one beating my people in their own country? You came to Nigeria and you are beating my people,” he narrated.

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