Why I renamed my daughter after president Tinubu’s mother – Bauchi man


By Samuel Luka

A die-hard supporter of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Bauchi, Khamees Musa Darazo has formally renamed his two years old daughter Hauwa after the President’s mother Abibatu as his own way of showing unwavering support and loyalty.

Speaking at the renaming occasion which took place at Double 4 event center Bauchi on Sunday, Darazo recalled that his first show of support for the president began when he dedicated his entire NYSC allowance to bolster the President’s campaign efforts in the build up to the 2023 presidential election.

Darazo, a young businessman said that the gesture was not motivated by a desire for personal gain or political favors but rather, a reflection of his deep-seated confidence in the president’s vision and leadership for Nigeria’s path to prosperity.

According to him, he had also actively engaged the communities of Gombe and Bauchi, advocating for their support and votes for the president in the February 2023 elections.

Khamees Darazo who noted that after the victory of the president at both the polls and the election petition tribunal, he kept praying for him to succeed in the Apex court and was made possible by the will of Allah.

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Darazo who appreciated God for the victory of President Tinubu in all the post election litigations, described the renaming occasion as significant moment of celebration.

“In a heartfelt tribute, I have renamed my dear daughter Hauwa to Abibatu, after President Tinubu’s mother. This decision reflects more than mere admiration; it is an homage to the matriarch of a leader, a tribute to the upbringing of a president”, he said.

Khamees Darazo further explained that in renaming his daughter, he has vowed to nurture her with the essence of perseverance, leadership, and a commitment to serving others.

“I want to emphasize that my support for President Tinubu transcends any form of material exchange”, he said.

Darazo insisted that his support and loyalty to the president is rooted in a firm belief, adding that he has not sought nor received any political favors in return, not even from the Bauchi state APC executives.

“My dedication is solely to Nigeria’s progress, to the hope of a better tomorrow, and to the leadership that will guide us there”, Darazo concluded.

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