Why I can’t marry an actress- Okafor Chizoba, Holy Lamb film CEO


Popular Nigerian filmmaker Okafor JohnPaul Chizoba who is the brain behind Holy Lamb Films has expressed his position on the trending issues of actresses being promiscuous.

According to the Agulu – Anambra State Indigene who said he can’t marry an actress, acting is quite demanding and takes only the grace of God to keep a home while at it.

Speaking on why he thinks actresses hardly stay married, Holy Lamb Films boss said: “Because of the nature of their job! Sometimes we film 24 hours Non stop. So, some men who doesn’t understand the job will get jealous, angry and start doubting their wives.

Maybe she doesn’t have time for the family because our business is very demanding and take a lot of time , understanding and grace of God for someone to stay in marriage.

However, my marital status is something I don’t even want talk about and I can not marry someone from my industry because the trust will not be there. We all know ourselves.”

Okafor JohnPaul Chizoba also has an interesting story to share of how his business name Holy Lamb Films came about.

Hear him: “I’ve great passion for acting African home movies. So, when I graduated I came back to Nigeria in 2015 to focus on my acting career.

Later in 2016, I became a popular producer because acting wasn’t paying me then, so I had to invest into the Nollywood Movies.

So, when I went to register the company with CAC, I wasn’t having any name in mind when my lawyers asked me for company name (laughs). Well, I’m Holy and Lamb is also a beautiful and innocent creature.

So I told them Holy Lamb Films at the CAC, even the lady was like no one has ever typed such into their system, she congratulated me and said “What a unique name”! Actually I got 30% discount from them because of my name.”

On his plans for his fans this 2023, the seasoned Filmmaker hinted on his about to be launched Film Academy.

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I’m building a film academy, and by the grace of God we will round up this year 2023, so people can get admission into the academy to study all departments in film making such as: Directing, acting , make up, continuity , editing , properties and set designing , script writing, sound track engineering , artistic directing and so on…”

Okafor JohnPaul Chizoba has a diploma from Peru, South America and a degree from Accra Institute of Technology, Accra Ghana. As the Founder of Holy Lamb Films, Chizoba Okafor has over 20 movies to his credit.

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