Who Is Safe From The Killer Herdsmen ?

The incessant kidnappings, killings and disappearances of some Christian priests and gospel preachers nowadays in this country, especially, in Edo State, have prompted several questions, such as the caption of this article ( Who is safe from the killer herdsmen?).

Nigeria has a constitutional provision which guarantees freedom of speech, as well as the right for protest. Yet some preachers, who dared to speak against the ‘killer’ herdsmen, seemed to have been denied these rights.

According to some parishioners of Saint Michael Catholic Church, Edo State where Reverend father Christopher Odia was serving until his kidnapping and subsequent death in the month of June 2022, the clergy man was, allegedly, killed by some herdsmen for speaking out against their ‘terroristic’ activities.

Father Odia was not the first priest that have fallen the victim of the herdsmen. And he may, likely, not be the last. Some of the anti killer herdsmen preachers are now in hiding. While some might have left the country for their dear lives.

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The whereabouts of an anti killer herdsmen preacher, Kenneth Abiruo, otherwise known as, Evangelist Ken, an Indigine of Orlu Local government Area, who operates in Edo State as a freelance evangelical preacher, is not known. Some of his acquaintance said they have not had any contact with him for some years now.

I summit that Nigeria should be made safe for all and sundry, irrespective of one’s opinion on national or security issues.

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