When your relationship go brutal!!! Walk away

Sometimes we are so reluctant on deciding when to walk away from people who have proved that they are not meant for us. We ignore the signs, we waste much of our time in that relationship thinking that things will change for the better or work out, we fight big and hard battles, we miss out on chances of good people and we waste too much of our energy. Sometimes we are abused physically but still cling unto the relationship. If you find yourself in a relationship that makes you sheds tears or in relationship that you are been abused physically and you are already seeing the signs that you don’t belong together, please don’t waste more of your time and energy on such relationship. No matter how painful it maybe, please gather up all the courage and walk away for your dear life and fragile heart. You were not meant to be in pain and unhappy for all your entire life. You were not caged or locked there that you can’t walk away. And it’s not the end of your life. Accept it that you were not meant to be and move on.
Do not stay in the relationship because you don’t want your friends to laugh at you, you will only endanger your life in the process. If you make the mistake of getting married to such a man then my dear you in for a bigger trouble.
We shouldn’t stay in a relationship where we are the only one that tries to please our man; both parties should try and please each other. Courtship leads to marriage, so during the period of courtship, if you see any sign that you think will not be favorable to you, please my dear, flee from it so that it doesn’t take your life. I’ve witnessed a relationship where a guy abused his girlfriend physically and the girl nearly lost her life in the process.
How do you know it’s time to walk away from a brutal relationship? Here are some of the signs to show you that it’s time to take a walk: You fight constantly: Fighting in relationships is a natural in relationships. But if you guys are constantly bickering and arguing or, more important, every fight you have turns nasty, it’s a sign to walk away.
In the right relationship, you’ll still have problems, but they shouldn’t be a normal thing, and you should be able to get through them like respectful adults who care about each other but if you can’t solve the matter amicably then you have to take a walk.
He thinks you are not good for him anymore: There is no relationship without challenges, but there’s a very big difference between feeling inspired to be a better you and feeling inadequate in that relationship, and that can be hard to spot at first. But if the guy is making you feel insecure and irrelevant, get out now.
He’s always hurting your feelings: When you started off with your partner, you both had a blossom relationship but now he sees you as a threat in his life, he does everything possible to make sure you cry, all he’s trying to do is to get you out of his life. If you are facing such a situation, it’s time to move out from such relationship.
He uses you as his punching bag: A woman is seen as a helper to a man and not as a punching bag. A responsible man will never lay his hands on his lady. So my dear, if a guy beats you up at the slightest provocation, please run away from him. Do not stay thinking he will change as time goes on, because he will never change. The attitude he displays during your courtship is what he will take into marriage.
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