What’S the worth of Human Life?

What is the worth of a human life, after all? This question has become pertinent in the light of the horrendous action of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Tuesday in burning a Jordanian pilot, Mauth al- Kasasbeh, who since December 2014 had been in their captivity.
Since the group arrived on the global stage in 2011 and went wild in 2014, thousands have been driven out of their ancestral homes in Iraq and Syria. The group since then has been on the rampage, killing and maiming thousands. Many have been shot to death; many slaughtered as if they are goats; many have been beheaded and the group proudly showcases their “exploits” via the internet and other social media platforms.
This is also what groups like the Boko Haram sect have been doing in Nigeria since 2011, clearly indicating that human life is of little or no value to them. So, irrespective of how the rest of the world sees their actions, ISIS, Boko Haram and other bloodthirsty groups are clearly redefining the meaning and value of human life. And that is: Life has no value and meaning as long as people don’t agree to live by a sect’s version of religion among others. And in that case, it is no crime to maim, slaughter, behead and burn ‘infidels’.
This is a sad commentary of the 21st century and it is dangerous for people irrespective of creed, class or race to keep mum while these beasts roam the world. We must not surrender to the warped worldview of these savages. Human life is sacred and must be treated so, irrespective of creed, class and race.

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