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What is up with Caroline Olaseinde- Rhode’s marriage?


Apart from making an ap­pearance at a high profile party early last year, perhaps out of necessity, not much has been seen or heard of Caroline who was once a permanent fixture on the social scene. Not even the demands of her job as a top manager at Exxon mobil prevented her from having a good time when she prolly wished to, which was quite often.

Many had attributed her social life recently taking a back burner to her becom­ing a mother to a set of twin girls, citing the demands of motherhood as the reason for her becoming a scare fix­ture at society events. Inter­estingly, to continue with her low social profile, her 50th birthday party which many had thought would shut down Lagos, had to be moved to London.

Even though it reg­istered a sizeable number of members of the burgeoning social scene, it was to her cocoon she retreated to once the party was over. However, another angle to her AWOL from the social scene has been the topic of discussion among social revelers. They are of the opinion that all isn’t quite well with her union with Captain Lanre Rhodes, a pi­lot. Even though no reason was given for the supposed hiccups that her marriage is allegedly suffering, there are indications that Caroline might have moved on with her life with plans to revert to her maiden name.

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