We offer top notch quality services -Adebayo Abisayo Helen, CEO Infinity Beauty Lounge CEO


Business revenue increases when quality customer service is available. For Adebayo Abisayo Helen, founder of Infinity Beauty Lounge customer service is critical to business success.

“At Infinity Beauty Lounge, we offer top notch quality service. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a perfectionist. The environment is conducive and we try to make it calming and relaxing as much as possible.

This makes us different from other brands. We go the extra mile to satisfy our clients. As long as they are satisfied, they become our brand evangelists”.

The Accounting graduate of Bowen University also noted that the most challenging moment in her business was the time most of her staff failed to show up despite the bulk of work available to be done.

“There are so many challenges we have faced. I can’t even begin to write from betrayals to disappointments, a whole lot honestly. I remember a day when most of the workers didn’t show up.

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They gave excuses of all sorts. We had appointments fixed already, my brain was hot from thinking of the next move. That day, I had to get to work. I became a nail technician, a stylist and more.

You know we deal with women and you can imagine what happened that day. It wasn’t easy at all”, she recounted.

Shedding light on the services her business renders, the shrewd entrepreneur said: “At Infinity Hair and Beauty Lounge, we deal in all kinds of premium human hair extensions and custom wigs.

We also have the beauty lounge wing where we offer bespoke salon services ranging from installation of extensions, braiding services, manicure and pedicure and so on.

The business started in 2015 unofficially in that I started selling online and also physically. But we didn’t have a store. We officially opened on the 17th of December, 2017”.

Speaking further, she also emphasized on the hair revamp service she renders to her clients.

“Hair revamp is about restoring damaged hair and bringing them back to life. We almost make them look almost new again. Your hair deserves the best care”.

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