We budget more to Capital aspect due to its impact on general public – Gov Bala Mohammed

Bala Mohammed

By Samuel Luka

Bauchi State governor, Bala Mohammed has disclosed that his administration normally injects more funds to the Capital aspect of the state budgetary allocations because of the impact it has on the general public.

The governor stated this at the banquet hall of the government on Wednesday during the State Executive Council meeting to deliberate on the 2024 budget estimate which is expected to be presented to the state assembly for consideration the next day (Thursday).

Bala Mohammed however, said that the Recurrent part has never been underestimated in every budget, explained that.

“Normally, we try as much as possible to get more of the capital because they are more tangible, they are more measurable and they are more impactful on the people”, the Governor explained.

“Although, we don’t underestimate the use of recurrent because that’s where our livelihoods, immediate need to put food on the table is, personnel cost, running cost and so on and so forth”, he added.

“I have gone through the budget, it is a balanced budget and I am very happy and I hope during our tenure we have deepened this capacity within the ministry of budget and planning so that even after our tenure this culture which is of the universal standard will be enshrined”, he said.

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Governor Bala while noting that his administration has been operating a kind of bottom to up budget where all the constituents are carried along, said the government has borrowed while at the same time living on its earnings.

“This time around we borrowed so much, about a hundred billion but not for just one year but for the next four years, so it has to be clearly stated”, Governor Bala said.

Bala Mohammed who further stressed that for constituencies that have not been captured may be captured in the next budget, called for understanding among the people of the state.

“People should understand that we try to lead by justice and equity, spreading whatever we have across the state irrespective of the voting pattern because everybody, every citizen of Bauchi is entitled to be treated equally irrespective of his passion and his opinion”, Bala assured.

He further declared: “that is the only way we will reach out to even those who love us because they are intertwined, they are interwoven, they live together, elections are over and it’s time for governance”.

The Governor called for collaboration and support from all stakeholders regardless of party differences, adding that his administration has been carrying everyone along to enable Bauchi be counted among the states that have imbibed the culture of sectors as been advocated by the World Bank.

“The world bank taught us how to do things on time, timeliness, making sure plans go in line with the circle, the annual period that we are supposed to do things and not to be presenting budget in March, that is definitely not the best practice, we will try to go and make sure that this budget is passed within the year”, the Governor vowed.

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